Q.  What is Lion Fund?

A. Lion Fund is Columbia's oldest undergraduate-run investment fund. We manage our own and alumni capital and seek to produce superior risk-adjusted returns in the public markets through our value-oriented research process. Additionally, we have a focus on member education and hold workshops and presentations exclusive to our members.

Q. What is the application process like for Lion Fund?

A. Please submit your resume via the application form on our website. There will be a first round interview followed by a final round interview during which you will be asked to present your analysis on a company that we choose.

Q. What kind of applicant is Lion Fund looking for?

A. Lion Fund seeks to accept students who are passionate about markets and enjoys discussing and researching businesses. While prior investment experiences are a plus, they are by no means a requirements.

​Q. Do I have to be a Financial Economics or an Economics major to join Lion Fund?

A. No, Lion Fund members have majored in a variety of subjects. While we believe that a solid foundation in finance and accounting is important to financial analysis, a diversity of thinking contributes to understanding the multiple perspectives of a situation that a good investment needs. Additionally, Lion Fund's extensive training program and education workshops can fill in the gaps.

​Q. I'm a Freshman, can I apply to Lion Fund?

A. Yes! We strongly encourage any Freshman and Sophomore interested in the financial markets to apply for a position with Lion Fund. 

Q. I'm not a Freshman, can I apply to Lion Fund?

A. Yes! While Lion Fund recruits mostly underclassmen, we have accepted exceptional upperclassmen in the past and evaluates applications on a case by case basis.

​Q. What is the structure of Lion Fund?

A. Lion Fund's Executive Board (E-Board) consists of the CEO, Head of Investor Relations, CFO, Head of Portfolio Analytics, and four Managing Directors. All other members are Analysts and cover a group of companies. Analysts typically report to a Managing Director who provides feedback and directs the Analyst to whatever resources he or she needs.​