Lion Fund has a strong alumni network of financial services professionals. Many of our members have gone off to work at some of the top financial institutions in the country. By being part of Lion Fund, members get to access this community for networking and mentorship purposes. Lion Fund is a very proud community and alumni are available to assist members in their career goals. 

All Lion Fund members are involved in every stage of the investment process. Regular meetings are held and each member is required to: present at least one investment pitch a year, attend regular meetings, vote on investment decisions, monitor current investments and engage in group discussions. All members are also eligible to run for positions on the executive board where they can get hands-on experience running a business and managing a fund. 

Lion Fund provides its members with numerous educational resources. New members go through a month-long orientation program and the fund maintains a large digital library of scholarly articles, interview help guides and other resources. In addition, Lion Fund holds educational sessions for current members on numerous finance-related topics and its tight knit network of students and alumni collaborate often. Each member is also assigned an experienced mentor to guide their educational growth.