About Us



Founded in 2011, Lion Fund Capital Management is a student-run investment fund registered in the State of Delaware pursuant to the Limited Liability Act. The investment club is designed to operate as a buy-side management firm with an additional focus on member education. We provide our active members a range of educational workshops, resources, and tools to build their skills and a platform to analyze and discuss public market investments. 

In the past half decade, our club has grown to over 30 members and pursued a variety of initiatives in line with our objectives. Lion Fund has been invited to visit and pitch to premier hedge funds in NYC, participated in numerous investment conferences on the East Coast, and been featured on CNBC. 

Our alumni go on to work at the top financial institutions around the world including private equity firms, investment banks, start-ups, mutual funds, and hedge funds. Our regular get togethers provide a solid platform for active members to learn from and network with alumni.




Lion Fund meets weekly to investigate investment opportunities across a variety of industries. Each meeting will have one or two pitches followed by a discussion and a vote within a week. Each position is extensively covered by one or a group of analysts, during which time regular updates are provided along with continual monitoring.

In addition to workshops and presentations exclusive to Lion Fund members, junior analysts are given new member training during the first few months where we cover topics including equity research, valuation, idea generation, and coverage. All analysts are expected to cover a minimum of three companies at the beginning and can choose to expand their coverage universe at their own pace while maintaining the capacity to extensively research and understand the businesses. 

We believe in a fundamentally oriented and value-driven approach to our analysis and encourage creative channels to conducting research. Our investment horizons are typically one to three years but we have had success in investing in special-situation type scenarios in the past as well. 

The Portfolio

At its core, Lion Fund is an asset management firm. We believe that intellectually honest and rigorous discussions about the allocation of capital have served us well since our founding, and have helped us achieve outstanding results. The fund's returns have outpaced the S&P 500 in twenty-three of our twenty-eight quarters in operation.